Lambadjiev Design

We’ve been pushing the envelope on design since 1984 and are involved in advertising since 1990.

Design for us is not just about functionality and aesthetics. It expands into a way of thinking - arranging priorities, looking for identity and uniqueness always with due measure.

In the beginning was industrial design – the deep sea of design, where being good means appreciating aesthetics, technologies, materials, ergonomics and possessing constructive thinking as well as the flair for novelty.

A plethora of design



Graphic, spatial and industrial design – these are the three spheres in which we are experienced. This is our unique service proposition for complex conceptions and systems, for creating corporate identities, for systematic approaches by design and for realization of complex design platforms.

The challenge to be better


Our motto is „Keep improving.. ”

- in new skills and creative challenges

- in adopting new creative areas

- in collaboration with you, our friends and co-thinkers

- in the day-to-day battle to constantly improve and compete

- in our feeling that design is a mission

Responsibility – from conception to delivery


Complex design and performance is our strength – no matter the medium, the location or type of design. We make complex exposition-systems, national exhibits of Bulgaria in London, Berlin and Moscow or designs of public space.

In this way we guarantee:

- efficiency of investments in design and advertising

- coherence between project and realization

- quality and loyalty to the investor

Design combined with powerful logistics and necessary equipment


Offices, warehouses, vehicles, powerful equipment and quite a talent … is our advantage in realizing projects with the company's building sector.



Besides the fact that we are charming and smart, we are also capable. And more importantly, we are extremely interested in doing that what we are doing! To think, sympathize, dream, battle intensely, win competitions, look for new opportunities and friends …


National award for industrial design ''Golden Hands'' – for series of robocars, 1986.

Award for trade mark and corporate style from ''Reklama Expo'' 1998.

Nomination for the Big award from ''Reklama Expo'' 1998

Design without limits


We already export design all around Europe. Today here and tomorrow somewhere else ..